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ppadcopy - Party Graffiti

Party Graffiti uses a rear projection screen and a modified “spray paint” can programmed with a variety of color and shape options to create instant works of digital art. This innovative activity captivates audiences from young to old and allows participants to express their artistic talents on a supersized canvas — then capture the memories by saving, printing, and e-mailing copies of their creations.

graffitiphoto - Party Graffiti

Digital entertainment is continually improving and Party Graffiti already has a new feature! Combine a photo opportunity with interactive fun: we take pictures of you and your guests at your event and display them instantly on the graffiti screen to be creatively decorated. Kids, teens, and adults will have a blast adding cool and crazy effects to real pictures!

Check out live video of Party Graffiti artists in action:

ppcopy61 150x130 - Party Graffiti
21 150x100 - Party Graffiti
31 150x100 - Party Graffiti