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5bg - Trick Pool Artist

This award-winning show was ranked #1 Traffic Builder.   Beginning with a medley of ragtime music, the tradeshow attendees will be drawn to your booth like a magnet. Once there, they will experience the show  called “the most effective form of sales entertainment in the trade show industry.”

Featuring the same shots The Trickster used to win The United States Trick Shot Championships, this original and creative show is the perfect blend of mind-boggling pool ball wizardry, dazzling sleight of hand, and daring pick-pocketing. As if that weren’t enough, the entire show is choreographed to customized music and sound effects, launching it to a whole new level. All this while his running commentary is tied to your service or product benefits.

Thanks to years of research and development, we have learned to master the subtle techniques that create a persuasive presentation. Through the perfect blend of psychology and mind-control, the messaging is laid out in a way that keeps the audience in a receptive state. 

11bg - Trick Pool Artist

Close-Up Sales Presentation

This Trickster educates the onlookers about your products and benefits while he dazzles them with incredible feats of prestidigitation.

Being one of the world’s foremost authorities on hustling and con games, this highly entertaining routine includes classic cons such as The Three Card Monte and Shell Game; and Dice Stacking. Unlike when he used to perform on the streets of New York, at the end of this show, he does return the watches, wallets, and rings he stole off the enormous crowd.

At the show’s peak, the audience is empowered with the secret to a mystifying magic trick. Everyone receives a copy of this customized premium known as “The Sure Thing” to fool and amaze their friends. There is a wonderful feeling of well being as the crowd disperses with the unique give-away in hand, and your product information memorably implanted in their minds.

Hospitality Suites

Whether on stage or performing close-up, The Tricksters unique blend of daring pick-pocketing and dazzling sleight-of-hand will energize your hospitality suite. Mystified onlookers are always treated to one of the most entertaining acts in the business.

Just ask Minnesota Fats, Richard Pryor, and Martin Sheen if they are now believers in his wizardly ability. Each had their watch surreptitiously removed from their wrist, only to appear in a sealed envelope, inside the magician’s zippered wallet.  His sleight of hand was never so miraculously received.

Your guests will be talking about this evening long after the trade show is over.

If you are looking for a novelty act for your private event, such as a party, Bar Mitzvah, Holiday Event, etc., The Trickster can certainly light up your event with lots of fun and laughter.