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murder - Murder Mystery

At an early morning debut, the staff of a prominent Los Angeles software company is poised for the release of their newest programming system insuring their continued success. Unfortunately, embarrassed company officials have discovered that the disc, encoded with the names of their most valued clients, has been stolen! Worried investors have hired the world’s most famous detectives to recover the missing disc. A trail of clues suggests a possible San Diego Connection.

Is one of today’s guests responsible? What will be revealed during careful interrogations? What happened to the hapless watchman guarding the disc? Urged on by the hired detectives, teams of guests will attempt to unravel the mystery of the MISSING DISC!

This is just one sample of what a murder mystery night can be. We customize our scripts to your theme and from information you supply us with. We’ll supply you with an easy questionnaire for you to supply us with information about your company or event and your co-workers or guests. Everyone will have a ball as they get involved in trying to solve the mystery. Our detectives are all comedy improvisational actors that bring a lot of laughs to all trying to solve the case!