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Are you having a childen’s party and need a magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat or levitate the birthday child? Maybe you’d like a magician to stroll around your bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or corporate function. How about a full-blown all-out stage show complete with illusions… or perhaps your corporation needs to make your product disappear and it happens to be a Boeing 747? No problem! We have it all — whatever your need, whatever your budget. Our magicians are highly skilled professionals, many of them members of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Just give us a call with your needs and we’ll place the right magician at your event.

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Our top performers:

bp1 124x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansBill P.

All-American Superparty Hero! Comedy magician of the year 2007 and 2008.

anton  98x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansAnton R.

Anton’s unique blend of con games, magic, and pool ball wizardry is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

mp 126x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansMark P.

This talented variety performer has worked with David Copperfield and entertains for businesses and celebrities.

5833 117x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansAlan R.

Expert sleight-of-hand magic and intuitive humor make for a can’t-miss show!

dean 115x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansDean D.

Famous for innovation, his flawless tricks have baffled some of the greatest minds in close-up magic.

82 big 125x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansJoel W.

This innovative and high-energy magician performs hundreds of shows per year! Classic with a contemporary touch.

IMAG004  113x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansTom O.

From Vegas to the Magic Castle to TV appearances, a veteran of comedy magic.

brandons2 150x99 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansBrandon S.

The “Ambassador of Fun” — versatile for children’s or adult shows, and bilingual too!

Franz 1 150x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansFranz H.

Pull out all the stops and book an internationally-acclaimed illusionist!

Glowball 812 116x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansHoward J.

This Magic Castle regular dazzles with quick wit and warm personality.

DavewRabbits 1 150x147 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansDave

Jaw-dropping magic, gut-busting comedy — and balloon sculptures!

Johnny 97x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansJohnny P.

Over 20 years of world-class, award-winning magic on this legendary performer’s resume.

cj  119x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansChuck J.

Fast-moving, eye-dazzling entertainment with Chuck’s impressive illusions!

hypno bird 2 th 123x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansAlan S.

Also a skilled hypnotist, Alan performs comedy magic like you’ve never seen.

TB  131x150 - Magicians
ec star - MagiciansTricia B.

With classic magic or costumed sorcery, this performer loves to make your guests smile.

But wait, there’s more!

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Dallas F.

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Mr. Tilly

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SF Illusionists

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That Magic Kid

Jeff M.

Aaron F.

John G.

Jason A.

Balloon Magic

Andrew G.

Robert S.

Keith W.

Fun for Kids

Kevin J.

Amos L.

Hal M.

David M.

Dana D.

George T.

Joe S.

Ivan A.

Top Female Magician

Ed A.

Robert B.

Mariachi Magic

Bruce G.

Jeff M. 2

Victor C.

Rob R.

Quick-Change Magic

Dan M.

Alfonso R.

Paul N.