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Piclatin04 2 - Dancers and Dance Acts

Whatever style of dance show you prefer, from the Roaring Twenties to contemporary hip-hop and anything in between, you will probably find it on our extensive list. All dancers are professional and come perfectly costumed for the particular period or ethnic dance.

Choreographers are also at your service and can customize a show to your particular taste. So give us a call and let our experts provide you with the ultimate in dance.

A few examples of the styles available are:

African     Argentinean & tango     Ballet     Ballroom     Bellydancers     Bottle Dancers     Brazilian     Can-Can     Caribbean     Chinese Dragon & Lion Dancers     Chinese Ribbon Dancers     Country/Western Square & Line     Flamenco     Footcloggers     Greek     Gypsy Folk     Hip-Hop     Hoop     Irish/Celtic     Israeli     Japanese     Latin     Mexican Folk     Middle Eastern     Modern     Motivational     Native American     Peruvian     Polynesian & Fire     Roaring 20’s Flappers     Russian     Swing     Tap