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chops - Cyber Humanoid Live Animation

CHOPS is a totally cool cyber-dude who’s always a “head” of the game and is the newest in live animation technology. CHOPS is an interactive 3D animated character who can be presented on any type of video screen — his speech, facial movements and behavior are being driven by an actor behind the scenes in a concealed booth.

Using the Motion Analysis Face Tracker to automatically follow his expressions and lip sync, the actor becomes a digital puppeteer. CHOPS will interact with the audience through the use of hidden cameras and microphones. CHOPS is so successful because people are drawn in and fascinated by the uniqueness of the presentation and the opportunity to interact with a fictional on-screen character. The computer animation is live, in real time and can easily be integrated into your existing multimedia presentations. CHOPS is a truly unusual way to draw attention, present your product or service, and entertain a crowd at shows or special events.