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The repertoire of this band is a delightful blend of both traditional Andean folk music and popular contemporary works played on traditional Andean instruments.  The flutes in particular are the instruments that give Andean music its unique sound.  They include the various pan flutes that are made from bamboo or wood in an assortment of sizes and scales; the rondadores, which are similar to pan flutes but use the pentatonic scale; and the quenas, pre-Columbian end-blown flutes made of reed that are played without a mouthpiece.  Of special interest are the jacha toyos, pan flutes nearly four feet in length that produce exceptionally deep notes and require players with well-developed lungs.  The string instruments include the guitar, the mandolin, and the charango, a small ten-stringed instrument that, until recently, was made with the shell of an armadillo.  A variety of drums, rattles, rain-sticks, and bird whistles complete the ensemble.

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