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hangin bubbas big1 280x225 custom - Brazilian Bands

With both Spanish and Portuguese roots, native Brazilian band music sounds a great deal like a combination of jazz and the Macarena. Depending on the genre of the Brazilian band, you’ll find inflections of reggae, melodies reminiscent of the artist Sade, or heavy rhythms much like those found in Latin cultures. With a samba beat or smooth bossa nova melody, Brazilian bands are famous for getting the audience involved in the music.  Our bands offer a variety of styles mainly focusing in GYPSY RUMBA, NEW FLAMENCO, BOLEROS, BRAZILIAN, LATIN JAZZ, CHA CHA, CANDOMBE, JAZZ, TANGO, and more.  If you want to ensure your crowd will sway to the beat, hire a Brazilian band for your next party. From gentle to dramatic, the rhythms found in Brazilian music are simply contagious.

Check out our featured Brazilian band. More sound clips/other acts available upon request!