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a ld cc - African Drummers

This is ADAWE. This is music from Africa, from America. Spirit sent. Heart felt. This is skin on skin, wood on wood, voices on air. The first heartbeat. Reality. Put your ear to Earth and listen. This is ADAWE.” ADAWE is seven dynamic, diverse women creating rich organic music of the voice and drum, which comes from the heart and speaks to the soul! In the tradition of Ghana, West Africa, women gather in the moonlight to create music and sing songs about life’s joys and sorrows. Through constant improvisation, they breathe new life into ancient music. Their spirit of celebration and strength is the inspiration behind ADAWE. These beautiful and skilled percussionists and vocalists come from all over the world, and their music is an international fusion of African music and rhythms, R&B/pop vocals, arresting Gospel vocal harmonies, and funky original creations. ADAWE brings audiences to their feet with high energy djembe drumming, opens their minds with poetic lyrics and hypnotizes them with the traditional women’s music of West Africa. ADAWE’s music is a healing force propelled by the power of women’s voices and the communication of the drum. ADAWE brings world music to the mainstream, African drums to pop culture, and meaning back to music.

Check out a live video clip here.