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Catscamera 0425 262x350 - Airbrush Face Painting and Tattoos

An art form in itself.  We provide you with highly-skilled airbrush artists who will paint various designs or tattoos on children’s or adults’ faces or arms.

 Kids of all ages enjoy having their faces painted in imaginative and fun designs utilizing different themes.  We have painted and tattooed many a celebrity and guest at bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, wrap parties, and weddings. There are many options including butterflies, pandas, Chinese lettering, and henna designs to name a few — too many to list!  Be assured there will be plenty of variety for your guests.  Our artists can also provide this service on T-shirts, boxer shorts and hats.

For the preschoolers or little ones who may not like the spray of air from the airbrush, we have regular grease face painters. Also see Glitter Tattoos.