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aerial3 - Aerial Promotions

Smoke trails mark the aircraft’s path across the sky. All eyes turn skyward. Excitement mounts: the smoke trails separate as the skydivers exit the aircraft. Freefalling at 120 miles per hour, the jumpers maneuver to form a 4-man star. As they spin it, the smoke trails create a “barber pole” of spiraling colors.

Next, as the skydivers separate, their smoke resembles a giant bomb burst. Brilliant colors fill the sky as the parachutes open and spiral towards the target. One of the jumpers is carrying a flag! Another one has a banner, and two of them maneuver their parachutes in tandem, flying down for precision landings in front of the cheering audience. A colorful performance: right on time and right on target. An unforgettable way to highlight any outdoor event! We can provide your company or organization with a promotional parachute specially designed with your own logo or emblem for maximum sponsor visibility.

Your ad campaign will be one jump ahead with this “flying billboard”. We offer a variety of special effects for visual appeal. For day jumps, our jumpers wear smoke in any color and configuration. Jumping at night, the skydivers carry brilliant flares and sparklers.

Our performers can make a spectacular arrival as any character: Santa, Easter Bunny, Football Players, Cheerleaders, you name it!