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money booth img 11 - Money Booth

A fun game for any occasion. The Money Booth is a Plexiglas box that your guests stand in. Our operator turns on the blower to make the fake money swirl around the guest. The spectators who are watching will be howling with laughter as the guest in the box tries to catch as much money as possible. Want to raise the stakes? Intersperse some real money in with the fake money.

The Money Booth is an ideal attraction for business promotions, special events and grand openings.

Fake or real money is blown around inside. Competitors have to try and catch as much money as possible. Not as easy as it looks!

Suggested Placement: Grand Openings, Business Promotions, Radio Stations, Charities, Private Parties, Corporate Picnics, Malls, Casino Nights, Bingo Halls, School and Church Groups, Fund Raising Events.

Dimensions: Width:32”,
Weight:250 lbs.